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I really enjoyed this story. Well done!

Thanks so much!

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My first playthrough I learned of the twist. Second I didn't, and I tried on the shoe. I'm reading the epilogue, and the dramatic irony is absolutely amazing. It was all extremely creative.

Question: why is this tagged as an otome?

Thank you for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

I picked the otome label because it's an anime-influenced visual novel primarily geared at women, so otome is the closest genre that fits.

Amazing game! I was expecting a typical Cinderella story and a typical fairytale ending. But, oh boy, what a twist! I really enjoyed the artwork and the design is neat as well. Good job :D

I'm happy to hear you had a good time with it! Thank you for your comment.

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Congrats for the release!! :D
I really like ur game! :)
I like the twist in there and how u tell the story. I also like cinderella's personality XDXD

I also like the art and the music :3 :3


BUT, I am wondering... Why Agatha doesnt move to far away village and lived peacefully. Why must she stay in that village so the prince can found her?

Also, Is there any 'auto' option?

Btw, I'll wait for ur next game! Gimme more mystery and twist pls XD

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Thank you so much for playing! You should be able to speed through the text your second time through using the Skip option from the gear menu. But I don't think there's a way to play it slowly and auto-proceed.


For your other question, that's a good point... I don't think she realized how determined he would be until she was already "stuck!"